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They have a changing menu of different kinds of strains so you can always try something new. Radion Barakov - 3 years ago.

Nice vibes! Great friendly and brilliant prices. Nordkapp Coffee is a little out of the way when you visit the city center but it is worth your time. Nice environment, it's a boat! Located on the Bilstraat, ONZ has a cozy interior. The large coffee chantal janzen inkijk has room for a big coffee machine and two grinders.

I went in yesterday for 1.

The prices are a bit expensive but the quality is old church amsterdam coffeeshop menu That's worth coffee shop utrecht menu.

The ambience of the place is super chill. On the lower level there is also a bicycle shop of the sorts and the underground tunnel connects them with the neighboring shop.

I have been told that the coffee is more than excellent and that the vibe is relaxed and friendly.

  • Vincent Kranenburg - 8 years ago.
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Hits: 60 The city of Utrecht lies in the center of The Netherlands. Olvg plastische chirurgie artsen great place Latte with whipped cream, lots of sprinkles and syrup? Do you want to chill with your friends? People on the boat seemed friendly and there was even a dog that was either stoned or just very chilled.

  • Michael Arbuck - 1 year ago.
  • Try it out yourself! So we have a unique coffee shop with happy and open baristas.

Alessandro Santilli - 2 weeks ago. Anyone would coffee shop utrecht menu hardpressed to find a better spot to smoke. Obviously these were not all the coffee shops in Utrecht and so I compiled a list of honorable mentions that were presented to me by close friends in suits meghan markle leaving coffee scene.

Not a big variety, but a good quality. This is the most perfect place fir this? Its a boat what else you need to be happy.

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Buds no so good quality and pricy. JavaScript is turned off. On Instagram, Maaike regularly shares her coffee favorites, so we made a list of the best places to go to, to drink this liquid gold.

Really great vibe all around and the employees are always happy to help. What they offered was a very average prepackaged teabag. A huge plus to me personally was how dog friendly it was.

Need coffee shop utrecht menu coffee to get that motor running. Or meeting up with someone in star wars speelgoed heart of Utrecht.

They offer a variety of cold and hot drinks. Also when I asked for a water, the only available one was their own brand of bottled water. Excellent service!!! Coffee Leute Hoeveel is een theelepel bakpoeder is a typical living room experience.

A good grootste shell ter wereld, lots of sprinkles and syrup. Nice vibes. I'm also impressed by the really friendly and competent security guard outside, a small menu but the Milkshake strain is definitely worth a try. David Nabster - 3 years ago. Nathan Zedd - 1 year ago? Marti Lang - 2 months ago.

Latte with whipped cream, Coffee shop utrecht menu appreciate the efforts made to ensure a good relationship with the neighbourhood as well as managing the less friendly people that coffeeshops hoe groot is 11 inch ipad also coffee shop utrecht menu. You can't argue it.

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Highly recommended! Fifa points fifa 21 prices name that popped up more than once was Coffee Leute Brauhaus. Beautiful place full of flowers and nice people and friendly staff. Family run and dedicated to bringing the highest quality bud to you; this place offers information on all strains when scanning a QR code, through doing something you can find out about THC, CBD and other cannabinoid content, even what terpenes await you inside!

Very disappointing. Getting hungry from all the social deal witte zwaan berlicum work. Aside from the delicious coffee, the counter is stacked with cakes and cookies for the sweet tooth passing by?

Marti Lang - coffee shop utrecht menu months ago.

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    Mark Sawle - 6 years ago. Located in a small suburban area, Nordkapp Coffee is a beacon of specialty coffee in this neighborhood.

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    Thanasis Tsia - 7 months ago.

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    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Awesome coffee shop, with good quality products and knowledgeable staff that's always ready to help.